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Jablotron OASIS

Oasis from Jablotron is a modern wireless alarm system designed to protect your home. It is suitable for use as home alarm as well as shops, offices, stores, workshops and farms and rural outbuildings. It can report theft, fire, flooding, frost risk, the risk of overheating, health problems, intrusion and other possible risks.

Jablotron Security system detectors sense the opening of doors and windows, breaking glass, human motion, fire or gas leaks. The control panel, which is the central component of the system evaluates the detector signals as to whether an alarm should be triggered. Modern security systems are controlled using a keypad by entering a code or by presenting an RFID card. They can also be controlled by remote controls fobs for extra convenience. The remote controls use a floating code that prevents signal copying and offers greater protection. Oasis allows you access control for electric locks, garage doors, and gates. This is possible by entering a numeric code, presenting the reader with an RFID chip in a card or key-fob, or a remote control. Oasis is mostly designed as a wireless system for easy installation. 

 Why go Wireless with a Jablotron OASIS alarm system?  

Conventional wired detectors are connected by cables, which conducts the power supply, and also all signaling to the control panel. Conversely, wireless systems talk to each other by radio, and sensors are powered by batteries. The reliability and security of both wired and wireless is comparable now, with wireless systems meeting stringent European standards and outperforming many traditional wired systems and offering new faster installation for house alarms.

Wired products are generally cheaper than wireless (more expensive but theyavoid the installation of cabling), and most can be combined in a single installation with components from several manufacturers. There is no need to change batteries in the sensors, but it is still necessary to carry out preventive inspections of the system. Installation itself is very clean for a Jablotron OASIS wireless alarm (with a minimum of drilling and cutting) and fast (and so cheaper) with the interior design hardly being affected by the installation. Systems are also easily extendable to include other devices and can protect nearby buildings like separate garage or shed when running wires becomes very diffficult. If you move furniture, wireless items can be easily moved to another suitable place. Moreover, if you move house, you can easily take your security system down and refit it in your new home.


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