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Jablotron-The EYE-02 GSM Camera - Video & Audio Monitoring via GSM

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The EYE-02 is a stand-alone security camera designed for do-it-yourself easy installation and operation, which can record videos, and transfer individual video frames on demand via the GSM network and much more.

MMS, SMS, and voice calls are supported together with the online transfer of individual video frames to your cell phone.

A wide range of detectors can be enrolled to the camera to trigger video/audio recording. A built-in infra-red motion sensor (PIR) is included, with in-picture motion detection, a glass-break detector, a built-in microphone for audio monitoring, and the ability of infra-red night viewing.

Also featured is activation by movement, sound, external alerts, etc. As standard the user gets a USB connection to his PC and the camera is compatible with the Oasis professional electronic security system.

Web, FTP, and e-mail services allow you to check your home from any internet PC, with the possibility of communication to central monitoring systems.

Technical specification:

  • Quad band GSM module with GPRS.
  • 868MHz radio receiver for wireless security system extension.
  • Li-Ion backup battery.
  • USB 2.0 port.
  • Video storage on standard SD micro Flash Card.
  • Operating temperature from -10 to +55 °C.
  • Suitable for outdoor installation.


Documents & Software Download
Eye-02 Quick Guide
Eye-02 User Guide
EYE-02 Application notes on-outdoor-installation
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