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DAVID Communicators

  GD-04 "David" GSM communicator

The GD-04 DAVID is a universal GSM dialer and controller. Provides 2 power relays and 4 input terminals. Configuration web page.David can be used as:

An SMS reporter. Input A to D activations or deactivations can be reported by SMS and optionally confirmed by phone calls. Each input can have its own message texts and up to 8 tel. numbers programmed.GD-04


The GD-04A back-up module is a back-up battery imbedded in a specially-enlarged cover. The module provides David with the ability to work approx. 12 to 24 hours continually without an external power supply. The battery is auto-charged during normal operation.
The GD-04P link cable
allows you to link David to a PC through a USB port and perform any desired configuration using GDLink software (supplied on a CD with the package). This fully-fledged configuration tool is especially suitable for those who perform frequent installations.
The GD-04D DTMF module
allows relay X and Y control by entering numeric codes (DTMF codes) on the telephone keypad during calls. (First call David’s tel. number and wait until the beep response, then enter the DTMF code and finally terminate the call.) The module can be installed by plugging it in to the appropriate digital bus.
The GD-04R radio module provides David with wireless connectivity to devices of the Jablotron OASiS system. By plugging the module into the digital bus connector your David is able to report the following:
  • Panic alarm triggered by a panic (RC-80, 87, 88 or 89)
  • Movements in the protected area (detected by JA-80P or 85P detectors)
  • Fire alarms or threats (detected by a JA-80S)
  • Breaking glass (detected by a JA-85B)
  • Window / door opening (detected by JA-80M or JA-82M detectors)
  • Gas leaks (detected by a JA-80G)
  • Exceeding the maximum/minimum allowable temperature limits (detected by TP-82 or TP-83 thermostats). In addition, the current room temperature can be acquired via SMS. Up to four different locations can be monitored – each A to D input can have a single thermostat assigned. This feature is suitable e.g. for anti-freeze protection in a conservatory or for fire protection in a server room.
  • Any contact switching on/off (detected by a JA-80M)


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