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Eldes EPIR GSM Standalone PIR Sensor Alarm

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GSM Alarm burglar system EPIR.

The Security system EPIR will inform you immediately with SMS message and phone call to your mobile when “unauthorized guest” enters your premises. System includes GSM module and Passive InfraRed sensor (PIR sensor) All device is small plastic enclosure and looks like simple PIR motion detector.


The EPIR system can work on its own as a standalone PIR sensor that can alert you by text message.

Please check the Eldes EPIRw product listing if you wish to use it to control multiple wireless devices at the heart of a fully featured alarm system, with extra PIR sensors, window/door contact sensors, keyfob controls (up to 16 devices in total).

New features!

  • Alarm system ELDES EPIR supports CONTACT ID protocol which is required to transmit signals to Monitoring station.


The system can be used in following applications:

Objekto apsaugos funkcija Enabled object security function will guard your property 24 hours a day and will send SMS message and make a phone call to your mobile upon intrusion.
Garso kanalo panaudojimo funkcija patalpos praklausymas Voice channel option allows user to listen what is happening in secured property with mobile phone.
Elektros tinklo sutrikimo kontrolė Main power supply disruption control function will generate and send SMS message in case of mains 230V 50Hz power failure. This function comes particularly handy when using wood burning boilers.
monitoring stations System supports CONTACT ID protocol which is required to send data to monitoring stations.
wireless devices Using wireless devices (such as sirens, motion sensors and etc.) it is possible to expand the functionality of security system ELDES EPIR as it is preferred.


 Starting security system EPIR operation is as simple as mobile phone:

ELDES EPIR installation


• Simple instalation
• User friendly control commands
• All alarm system in one small enclosure
Integrated GSM Module: 900/1800 MHz 
Voltage: 15V DC
Supported pprotocols: ADEMCO CONTACT ID 
Protected Zones: 1
Dimensions: 104x60x33mm 
Temperature range: -10...+40°C

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